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Project OpenIng: promoting openness in the German engineering sciences

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The ongoing project OpenIng fosters open access and open educational resources in the German engineering sciences. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and last two years ending in december 2019. It is a common project of University- and State Library Darmstadt, Center for Educational Development and Technology DarmstadtUniversity Library Braunschweig and University Library Stuttgart. Its main goals are understanding the lack of open access in named engineering studies and offer solutions to increase the amount of open access publications in this scientific discipline.

Consequently the project is two parted. In the first part and year there was a broad survey investigating the open access publication behaviour in the German engineering studies. The results and conclusions are published here (in German).

The second part started in early 2019 and its main goal is to simplify publishing the green way. Thus, all the repositories of the involved libraries shall be connected to Dissemin and provide options to connect repositories of further interested institutions. On top of that simpler authentication methods and further metadata resources shall be implemented. The progress of this work can be followed in the corresponding GitHub projects.